Why Choose Vortex Spiral?


Vortex Spiral Duct has many commercial applications and is ideal when ductwork will be exposed or acoustics are essential. While rectangular and snaplock ductwork can be cheaper up-front, when you factor in labor costs for installation in the field, Vortex Spiral Duct reduces costs considerably.

Our facility keeps up to 24" pipe in stock and has the capability of manufacturing up to 40" pipe. If you'd need sizes above 40", contact us, and we can accommodate your needs.

Reasons to choose Vortex Spiral Products for your next project:

Attractive Aesthetics

If the client is looking for that trendy, “industrial” look, Vortex Spiral Duct is the way to go. It’s ideal for retail and restaurant establishments.

Reduced Noise

Vortex Spiral Duct causes less turbulence than rectangular duct, which reduces noise and improves acoustics.

Less Weight

Compared to rectangular duct, Vortex Spiral Duct is significantly lighter, which means it will require fewer supports and hangers.

Lower Overall Job Cost

While rectangular duct might appear cheaper, because of lower front-end cost, when factoring in the additional labor required for installation, Vortex Spiral Duct is considerably less expensive.


Single wall

Single wall duct will give your project the attractive look your client will want, without a heavy price tag.

Double Wall